Chantal Vlaskamp

Curriculum Vitae
After finishing my bachelor of applied sciences in 2010, I did a Neurosciences research master at the VU University in Amsterdam. During this master, I did one of my internships at the NICHE lab, where I was supervised by Janna van Belle. Here, I did a pilot study with the stop signal anticipation task (SSAT) in children with and without ADHD. After obtaining my master's degree in 2012, I started as a research assistant at the NICHE lab. Here, I helped with all the projects that were recruiting subjects. In ocotber of 2013 I started as a PhD candidate.

Current research projects
I am currently working on two main projects: One of my projects aims to find etiological differences between children with ADHD who do and who do not respond to methylphenidate. I hope to find answers by means of fMRI neuroimaging and EEG measurements. The second project I am working focuses on sensory information processing in children with autism and epilepsy. I hope to find biomarkers for aberrant sensory processing using a psychophysiological test battery (EEG).