Goodbyes at NICHE

Geplaatst: 10. January 2016

Sad times for NICHE, but fantastic new challenges lie ahead for our now-NICHE-alumni Patrick de Zeeuw and Branko van Hulst.

Patrick has been with NICHE for almost a decade: first as a PhD-candidate, then as post-doctoral researcher and assistant professor. The latter positions he combined with his work as a clinical psychologist at the Department of Psychiatry of the UMC Utrecht. As of January 1st, Patrick accepted a position as assistant professor at Utrecht University.

Branko joined NICHE as a PhD candidate in 2011 after obtaining his medical degree at the Free University in Amsterdam. Spring 2016 Branko will start his clinical training to become a psychiatrist, while simultaneously finishing up his doctoral thesis, which he expects to defend September 6th, 2016.

Patrick and Branko will be dearly missed, and we wish them the best of luck with their future careers!


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